Come and visit our kennel  

All days during the Summer you are welcome to visit our kennel in Åsmarka! Meet us between 11 - 13. Other days and times on request.

Our dogs love visitors a lot. You can pet them and say hello to all of them, one by one. Puppies are in dog yards and will be let out on the grass to play and for a cuddle. You will also be served coffee/cold drink and an ice-cream while we answer questions and let you know how things work on a kennel with with 118 dogs.

We would like you to book in advance by email to; or call tel +47 94846270.

Prices: adults nok 300,-, children 150,-

Be aware that our kennel is not situated at the same place as our dog sledding location during the winter. Adress is: Åsmarkvegen 1467, 2365 Åsmarka. We have a wonderful view and you may also join our closest neighbor, Åsli Ridesenter, on a trip on Icelandic horses.

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