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We are truly grateful for you are joining us dog sledding with your group. To really make the most of your stay we would like offer you even more fun and value to your event.



Our boss, Leif Tore Lie is an experienced musher. In addition to leading Sjusjøen Husky Tours with 120 dogs and a handler team, he has an enormous motivation in training a racing team and participating in one or two long distance races each season. What we see is that the dogs in his team as well as the rest of our dogs of course has the same enormous motivation to work for him and work together in a the team. Now we are wondering; could managers in companies use some of the same techniques to motivate human beings? Leif Tore will, in our lavvu, give us some of his techniques that is summarized in 10 points that you should bring with you to your organization!

Price: on request to

Duration: 30-45minutes

Event 61° Grader Nord

Event 61° Nord Lillehammer

Hundekjøringen kan gjerne kombineres med aktiviteter fra vår samarbeidspartner Event 61° Grader Nord. Aktivitetsleverandøren tilbyr eventer som kombinerer morsomme fellesaktiviteter med fartsfylte oppgaver som trenger kreativitet og sportslig innsatsvilje. Flere av aktivitetene kan skje ved vår base i kombinasjon med hundekjøringen, eller dere møter Annette og hennes team for isfiske, rumperaceriade, ulike team-konkurranser eller guidede turer til naturopplevelser.

Kontakt Ida, Sjusjøen Husky Tours eller direkte til Annette på e-post.