A unique opportunity to experience nature at its most beautiful, all alone in the wild and in full luxury 

Check out our incredible Arctic Dome, a luxurious tent-like creation, based on the famous iglo shape in order to see both the star-filled sky and the northern lights. Built by a local company in the Lillehammer area!

Our dome is located in the beautiful Åstdalen that you can see in the video above, a true summer paradise. Just 15 minutes away from Sjusjøen, right next to the stagnant river of Åsta, perfect for canoeing, fishing, swimming and amazing hikes. Free use of two canoes with lifejackets is also included with your stay. 

Arctoc Dome Åstdalen Åsta elv
Arctic Dome Åstdalen


Experience absolute silence and relaxation as deep into the Norwegian nature you can get. Glamping in Arctic Dome is a crazy combination of luxury with space, furniture and style - and wildlife with cooking on the fire outside, no electricity or shower. There are no neighbours except some sheep, cows and wild animals. You may drive almost to the dome, the last 300meters will be on foot. Drinking water is provided as well as wood for cooking and all the equipment that you need. You will need to bring your own bed linen and food. Canoes at your disposal are also included.

For prices and more details see below. For summer season 2021 dome is still available the following dates (per 5th of August):

  • All weekdays in September except 1st, 2nd and 9th of Sept. Weekends are booked except Friday 17th of September.

  • Weekdays in October except 4th, 5th 6th of October.

    Dome is available until the end of October.

    Contact Ida on e-mail: ida@sjusjoenhuskytours.no for more information and booking.

Foto: Rakel Berg

Foto: Rakel Berg

Foto: Rakel Berg

Foto: Rakel Berg

The canoes "Elvegris" and "Åstapurka" a located just by this boathouse about 3.7km south of Øvre Åstbru, at the same side of the road as the barrier.

The canoes "Elvegris" and "Åstapurka" a located just by this boathouse about 3.7km south of Øvre Åstbru, at the same side of the road as the barrier.

Canoing In river ÅSTA 

The Arctic Dome is located just at the opposite side of the river where the road goes. If you are interested in just renting canoes without staying over, there are six canoes located just by the road. Look for the little boathouse on the image with the two trees, where the canoes are located, about 4 km south from Øvre Åstbru. If you are staying in the dome and would like access to more canoes, you are able to use these ones as well. 

Get in touch with Ida on ida@sjusjoenhuskytours.no if you are interested in renting the canoes, and you will get the code to open the keypad! Price is NOK 350,- per day, per canoe.

Åsta is also wonderful for fishing, ask for fishing licenses at the barrier by Øvre Åstbru! 

Equipment, Prices and BOOKING

The dome is equipped with a bed for two, as well as foldable double mattresses, so in total room for 6-8 people sleeping over. Duvets and pillows are included for 6 people, but bring duvet and pillow covers, along with bed sheets yourself. 

A firecamp pan, charcoal, lighter fluid, coffee pot, coffee/tea and drinking water is included and will be there as you arrive. A toilet is located on the outside with a washpot, soap and some anti bacterial napkins! A complete list of equipment will be sent to beforehand to help planning and packing what you need. 

Prices: One night in the dome nok 2600,- incl canoes at your disposal, all equipment and driving water. Second and following nights half price. 

You may send any booking enquiries to ida@sjusjoenhuskytours.no or by phone at +4794846270. Directions will be given to you when the booking is confirmed. 

Glamping Åstdalen