Sjusjøen Husky Tours was formed in 2014 by Leif Tore and Ida, and their team of very talented people and dogs have been growing since then. Today there are a total of 120 Alaska huskies at their kennel in Åsmarka, 15 mins away from Sjusjøen. Also the team consist of 2 boys and 2 girls on full time basis and a few part time helpers.

This autumn 2020 Sjusjøen Husky Tours is about to become certified as an Eco-Lighthouse enterprise. Criterias have been on our mind since last winter and we are looking forward to documenting our environmental efforts and social responsibility.

Leif Tore Lie

Leif Tore Lie

Leif Tore was born in Øyer/ Hafjell in Gudbransdalen and grew up with dogs since was a little child. He is educated and has experience as an industrial mechanic, specialised in plate/welding/steel structure and has been running his own company where he eventually included dog sledding. He got his first Alaskan Malamute about 18 years ago and participated in Gausdal Marathon 100km as the first ever with a sled consisting of pure Alaskan Malamutes. He is still participating in Gausdal Marathon and this coming season for the first time also The Femund race. Now however with working Alaska huskies from Sjusjøen Husky Tours.

In October 2015 a documentary was made about Leif Tore, (English subtitles).  

Ida Nilseng
Ophelie and Joe.jpg

Ida Nilseng

Ida Nilseng grew up in Lillahammer, and has a degree in Business & Management and a lot of experience in tourism marketing. She is the one taking care of all the bookings, and the one you will likely be in touch with if you decide to come and join us!

She is normally also to be found up in the mountains welcoming you as you get there, making sure everything is running as it should. If you have any questions about anything, do not hesitate to ask her!

Ida has also grown up with dogs, currently has two golden retrievers and two Icelandic horses which is her passion outside of working hours.



Erik has been with us since May 19. He is born in Oslo, but now lives happily in Åsmarka with his own team of 7 Alaska huskies. With Erik in the handler team our days always include a good laugh! Also, he is very good at making our guests feel welcome.



Ophelie is 26 years old and comes from the country of baguettes and smelly cheese. She studied tourism and can speak french, english, some spanish and german. Norwegian being on her new studying language list. She started working with sleddogs last winter in Estonia and is now looking forward to spending this winter with Sjusjøen Husky Tours.



Joe is from England. He entered into the world of dog sledding at the age of 32, after spending time in Estonia. He is hoping to have dogs of his own in the future and is happy to answer any questions you may have about the dogs or what we do.


And all of our dogS:


A total of 120 dogs, some of them puppies. All of them with their own little houses in Åsmarka. They are well trained, and some of them join races. Running and training a lot throughout the year is what they love more than anything and makes them incredibly happy. And they are all very sociable and love to be cuddled, so do not hesitate to say hi if you come visit us! 


Lona is the real boss of Sjusjøen Husky Tours. You will find her in the cabin in Sjusjøen, likely close to the campfire, making sure everyone are served and happy. She will not hesitate helping you in case you have trouble finishing your food, although she tends to put on weight and Ida keeps telling her to watch her diet..